First blog post

I began this blog to provide a means to answer the question, “what the heck does she do?” It doesn’t give you the full story, but I hope to give you glimpses into the Guilderland goings-on.




Stay safe and warm with the polar vortex visit. Keep the doggies inside (except for those of us who have Huskies who refuse to come in) and check on your neighbors and loved ones. We’re busy at the office working on webinars so you can get some CEs without venturing outside and planning for our Spring (yes Spring!) Open House in our nifty new office.

Grand Opening of Bull Moose Club

We are super excited to be in this new, very active, venue. This past week we had a lunch and learn with former US Senator Alfonse D’Amato on Monday, a Meet and Greet of members where we made some valuable connections with young movers and shakers on Tuesday, had lunch with the 30 Club where we made more great connections for future programming on Wednesday, and the press event today.